The Use of Inheritance in APDM Discussed Here

Owing to the fact that an in-built object relational structure is present in the, the modeling of the data can take place using the very concept of inheritance. This process creates a kind of hierarchy. The classes present at the end of the tree, can automatically make use of the content present in the branches before them. Often the abstract classes are therefore referred to as ancestors. Different tables can therefore be categorized in accordance to the inheritance. This ensures that data can be sorted easily.

Flexible in nature

The APDM model makes use of really abstract categories of class which are easily allowed through inheritance. You will see that the APDM, turns into a model based on templates and has greater flexibility in comparison to the usual PODS model. You can also make lots of customizations for your company without having to modify the software too much form outside.


Bumpy process

The geodatabase, makes use of SQL, which is not at all a smooth process. Some efficiency in transaction will always be utilized on course of the process. This deficiency is often covered up by use of the SOA. With the use of the SOA, allows combination of web services with the ArcGIS technology. A really good system can therefore be combined together using web services and

Why choose?

When the company is already making use of geodatabase, the APDM model will easily fit into the system. The integrity of relational data can be maintained by application of logic. The fact that the data model is flexible with APDM is great for your company.

The ArcGIS technology can be used for the purpose of spatial type mapping. The combining of ESRI type tools and different third party applications is mandatory in APDM. Visiting, will give you a fair idea regarding the process.