Online Shopping Trend; a Bona Fide or an Artifact

Many of us simply swear by online shopping and we cannot imagine our life without it. Is it buying trivial items like a fridge magnet to purchasing necessary medical insurance it has become our daily companion.

The first secure online transaction website was founded either by Net market or Internet Shopping Network in the year 1994.After that numerous Online Shopping Websites had come into play.

Highlights of online shopping website-

  • Attractive Deals-

Online shopping offers crazy deals, cash back and discounts which would attract you even if you are in a strict budget.

  • No unnecessary traps-

Online Shopping would not unnecessary lure you into purchasing more products forcefully.

  • Secrecy-

We can maintain our secrecy while buying certain personal items and get rid off the unnecessary staring.

  • Variety-

We can discover a large variety of products of different genres under the same website.

  • Supplemental benefits-

There are some shopping websites which does not engross in selling their own products rather they display products of other websites.

For example,, endorses products from popular websites like

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Challenges of Online transaction-

  • Delay in delivery-

Most of the time a definite time is provided by the website between which we are expected to procure our delivery. But at times delivery gets delayed causing much hassle.

  • Lack of touch and feel of Merchandise-

Lack of actually touching and visualizing the product raises concern about the quality of the product.

  • Fraudulent activity-

Some websites have no Cash on Delivery policy and therefore need prepayment through ATM card.The payment procedure are sometimes unshielded and give rise to cyber crimes.

Websites we can give it a try –

Some shopping websites which provides free recommendation and buying solutions from other websites can be trust worthy. Like

Guatemala times are an online review website which endorses high ratings merchandise of other popular shopping websites. These sites does not involve in online transaction directly they endorse other brands. As they provide genuine solutions we can evaluate them.