Manage All the Student’s Information With The Help Of APDM Online Application

As you all must be aware about what exactly Database means. Database can be described as an organized and precise way of data which is kept in computer, easy to access, taking in consideration user’s point of view.

In layman’s term, you can say that the data which is kept in an organized manner for future usage in your computer.

Now proceeding further let’s knows about database applications. Database applications are basically computer programs specifically made to access the computerized database. is also a Student database application which has been created on Jan1,15 to maintain and regulate the crucial information of the students.

What is APDM?

APDM or Aplikasi Pangkalan Data Murid is an online database application which can be used to enter and retrieve all the information of students and to keep records of the attendance of the students.

APDM is actually significantly important for universities and schools to maintain records of their students in effective manner so far. You just need to click on and sign up if you are first time user or else Login with your existing credentials.

What is the worth of APDM?

Well, student’s data that has been entered in a well-structured manner helps a lot in making fair decisions because this data is stored in a very user friendly way.

APDM is too a student database application for managing the student’s data and their attendance precisely on daily basis.

The major advantage of APDM is that there is no chance of manipulation of attendance as it is recorded in a software program. That is why, you can expect accurate and impartial decisions.

Secondly, due to a systematic and hassle-free criteria, you will be able to access the information of students very easily and quickly.

Isn’t it great to know that managing the student’s attendance is as easy as ABC?