How to lose belly fat with six exercises?

There could be a lot of ways to lose belly fat but losing it quickly can be one of the toughest processes if proper attention is not paid to it. Since, losing belly fat has always been the difficult tasks for a lot of people below mentioned steps will let you know how to lose belly fat with these six effective exercises


  1. Perform squats

Quickly put yourself into a regime of performing squats daily and take it up slowly. Do not overdo it and spoil the enthusiasm of getting into proper shape

  1. Push ups

This is another exercise that can help you lose on belly fat quickly. You should start with 20 counts and move on by increasing the number of counts everyday and this is certain to help you in losing belly fat.

  1. Crunches

This is another set of exercise that you should be performing when you are planning to lose out on belly fat. You should always start with lesser counts and increase it gradually on a daily basis for better results.

  1. Leg lifts

Try to perform leg lifts and this would help in reducing the fat accumulated in and around the waist and belly region and this can be done as shown on

Performing these leg lifts would help you to work out your belly and also strengthens your legs.

  1. Stretches

You need to do a lot of stretches and this can help you to lose out on a lot of weight and this would also help you to lose weight accumulated around the belly region. This can be done using the

  1. Chair Position

Chair position is one of the exercises that you should be including with all the other exercises to burn the belly fat quickly.