Fighting Against Threats by Mark Dubowitz

The foundation of defense of democracies (FDD) is a Washington based institute for policy which concerns non-partisan involvements has as its CEO, Mark Dubowitz. He basically engages in leading projects of Iran and various other sanctions concerning probable threats to the finance department. He has an expertise skill on issues relating to the global networking channels of Iran which includes several threats like terrorist attacks, nuclear attacks or even cyber threats to the countries of United States and the other democratic nation states. He has hence been recognised as one of the main contributors towards influencing the people to assure the sanctioned policies in order to be able to counter attack the threats coming from Iran and its allies.

Mark Dubowitz

Featured recognition of Mark:


Mark Dubowitz got featured in a book called The Iran Wars as the most eminent “financial warriors”. He also got featured in a magazine named Politico for being one of the uprising experts in policy who was constantly challenging the improper behaviour of Iran. Another reason behind this recognition was he is a thinker who came up newer ways to smash back at the opponent.  Mark was also recognised by the OZY Media and FDD as a person who had a politician’s brain and had the capability of intensive research work practise and the intellectual balance to counterattack the opponent.


Mark Dubowitz has had the opportunity to advice eminent leaders like Trump, Obama and George Bush and their administrators who were lawmakers too in making considerable changes and embarking a balance on the issues regarding Iran and appropriate number of times of testing was done too. He is primarily known as a former capitalist of ventures and an executive of technology. He significantly leads the centre of FDD where sanctions and the finance department is the main lookout. His research papers are now published hence he is now known as an author of around twenty studies concerning sanctions on economy and the nuclear programme of Iran. Hence is a popular and public figure in parts of United States and has recognition all over international media.